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Ken Gregg performs character voiceovers, impressions, and straight reads for a variety of commercial, industrial, and interactive productions requiring a professional voice talent

Welcome to Here you'll find my demos, resumes, rates, contact information, and other voice acting resources.

Ken Gregg, Voice Talent

Ken Gregg has been perfecting and performing characters, impressions, and dialects since he was eight years old. For over 20 years, Ken has been a voice talent and professional actor in the Arizona market, performing character voiceovers, impressions, and straight reads in regional and local radio and television commercials, as well as in national industrials and interactive computer products. Known for his stable of crazy characters and dead-on impressions, Ken is also in demand for his warm, friendly, just-folks reads. In addition to voiceover, he brings his array of voices with him to perform live stand-up comedy and comedy improv shows. Ken is a SAG-AFTRA member.

This is the place to find out how Ken can help you bring your next production to life. Here's what you'll find at this site:

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Ken Gregg performs a few celebrity impressions.

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Ken Gregg will soon be offering his popular course
Finding the Voices in Your Head and Making Them Pay.
Click here for details.

Do you really think nobody does an impression of Lloyd Nolan? And no one in his right mind would do a Ray Milland impression? Ken Gregg does. Click here for a partial roster of his characters, dialects, and impressions.