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Ken Gregg, Voice Talent

Aspiring voice talents and voiceover veterans will find advice, training, and other useful info and links here. If you have a suggestion for adding more resources to this part of the site, please send an e-mail with your recommendation.

Voice Talent Resources

Here you'll find useful information and links related to voice acting.

  • Getting started in the voiceover business - If you're wondering what it takes to start from scratch in voiceover, including coaches, training, marketing, agents, and some pitfalls to avoid, this is the place.

  • Training - There's more to voiceover than just a great voice. A voice talent is an actor. Find out here about initial and ongoing training for voice actors.

  • Recording Studios - Here you'll find a list of Tucson, Arizona-based recording studios that have phone-patch and/or ISDN capabilities.

  • Books & Software - Ken Gregg's recommended list of useful books and software for voice talents.

  • Useful Links

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News & Info

Ken Gregg will soon be offering his popular course
Finding the Voices in Your Head and Making Them Pay.
Click here for details.

Do you really think nobody does an impression of Lloyd Nolan? And no one in his right mind would do a Ray Milland impression? Ken Gregg does. Click here for a partial roster of his characters, dialects, and impressions.