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Ken Gregg, Voice Talent

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Ken Gregg's Character Voice Course

Finding the Voices in Your Head and Making Them Pay - I developed and teach this course to help you find character voices you never knew you had. If you're a voiceover veteran, a voiceover beginner, an actor who wants to increase your versatility, or someone who just wants to explore the world of character voices, this course will help you discover and develop new character voices within you. I've even had students in the corporate world who want to enhance their presentation skills by injecting interesting character voices into their stories.

In this course, I teach the tools and techniques to help uncover your hidden character voices, and turn them into marketable skills for voiceover, stage, story-telling, etc. Through a series of fun and productive exercises, you'll find out how to create your own collection of fully-developed characters. During this four-week course, you’ll apply the exercises both in class and at home, together we'll select specific characters for you to develop, and you'll start creating your valuable “stable” of character voices. Discover how even horrible impressions can become great character voices, and how activities such as walking around the room, ripping up magazines, or watching TV can all help you find amazing characters and sounds you never thought you could do.

If you've attended one of Ken's workshops or courses, you already have an idea of how much fun you'll have and how much valuable information you'll receive. If you haven't attended, you'll quickly discover how fun, productive, and freeing your character voice journey can be. Be prepared to learn a lot and laugh a lot in a safe, supportive environment. After taking this course, one student wrote, "Just a note to thank you for the delightful voiceover classes. It is always so fulfilling to finally do something one has always wanted to try. It is especially gratifying to have a teacher who is so patient and understanding - and funny!...thank you for all you have done and the care you have taken."

The class is typically offered in the Tucson area. The cost is $35 per week, paid each night as you come (total of $140), or $130 if paid in advance in full on the first night of class. (Although there is no contract for the course, if you sign up for the four weeks, you're expected to pay for all four weeks even if miss a class. If you have any questions about these policies, please ask before committing to take the course.) I occasionally teach one-day accelerated versions of this course as a SAG-AFTRA workshop, either in the Tucson or Phoenix areas.

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Professional Acting Courses

The Studio for Actors in Tucson, AZ - Acting coach Anna Risley has been successfully training actors for over 20 years. Her customized voiceover training course got me started in the business. As a voice actor and former cast-member of Saturday Night Live, Ms. Risley also teaches comedy improv, which is immensely helpful in improving voice acting helps develop comedic timing, imparts a range of comedic dialects, and gets you feeling comfortable with making a fool of yourself. She teaches many other related courses, including diction, accent reduction, and character study. All highly recommended.

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Ken Gregg will soon be offering his popular course
Finding the Voices in Your Head and Making Them Pay.
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Do you really think nobody does an impression of Lloyd Nolan? And no one in his right mind would do a Ray Milland impression? Ken Gregg does. Click here for a partial roster of his characters, dialects, and impressions.